Whatcha writin’?

I want to be a writer in the sci-fi/fantasy genre (with a couple of comedic and serious books in between). So, if you want to know what my current book is about I’ll give you a brief synopsis. I won’t post any of the chapters or sub-chapters because I want to keep the integrity of the book for my future publisher. (Hint: If you know any… I’m available!!!)



Rodin has spent his life trying to provide for himself and his brother, Logan, as best as he can in their small peasant village since their mother and father were killed during a troll invasion. He takes a job working as a servant at the kingdom’s academy where trouble seems to follow him in the form of Lord Vil (a boy who is to be lord over Rodin’s village and a student at the academy that snubs all peasants and hates Rodin most). Rodin makes friends with Prince Byron and soon-to-be-knighted Master Slindee (also known as “Slender”).

As they celebrate their friendship, Rodin and his new friends decide to take a blood-oath of brotherhood to seal their pact as brothers. In their oath, Rodin finds out that they have started a chain of events that will fulfill a prophecy long told to another secret circle. Rodin meets a group of men who are known as the “Cursed Brothers” who tell them very little about the prophecy, but are very diligent about fulfilling it, ” and the Light will give the gift to the one deemed most worthy within his circle”. Rodin soon finds out that Prince Byron had chosen him to be the one to  receive the gift unknowingly. The problem is… what is the gift? …and… why is he worthy to receive it? He also finds out that not only are the Cursed Brothers holding secrets from him about this prophecy, but his own brother has also been involved since before their parents’ death.

In the confusion to figure things out, Rodin is introduced to the circle’s “Cursed Sister” also known as “Gift Giver” who is a girachnid (a giant spider who serves only the Circle of Light and was thought to be extinct). She gives Rodin the gift before he can accept it and he becomes Archon, the warrior of legend that was sent by the Circle of Light to battle against the Circle of Darkness and his Order of Demons. Now that he knows “what” the gift is, Rodin wants to know “why” he is the one that is worthy to be this hero.

Along this path, Rodin trains as Archon to gain knowledge of the power he has within himself, and learns more about the secrets surrounding the prophecy. Even though they tell him how worthy he is, he still doesn’t know if he’s really ready for such a roll. All he wants to do is live his life as a peasant, keep his friends, take care of his brother, serve his village, and marry his true love, Millette. Unfortunately, too many obstacles keep him from doing just that in the form of Lord Vil’s persistent interference, demon attacks, a figure in the shadows keeping tabs on them, and the constant reminders by his friends about how “cool” and “weird” being Archon really is.


Archon: Gift Of Light brings you to the heart of Rodin and his passion for life and love as he becomes Tera-Earth’s hero to protect all Leagues within the Order of Terrans, not just the League of Human. With demons and magic everywhere, Rodin discovers that he really can do the most “peculiar” things to protect his new brothers, Logan, Millette, and others in his fast-growing circle just as the prophecy has said. In the meantime, he and his brothers cause their own trouble for the Cursed Brothers through the magic of their own mischief and humor.


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