This was a story that was printed onto another one of my sites. I moved it here. Note the date it was posted at the bottom.


Okay, the challenge was to write a story using 1 subject each from 3 different lists. I rolled the dice and ended up with a journal, an assassin, and a prison and it was to be 1,000 words long. I got my 1,000 words exactly. Here’s what I came up with…..




Today is the day I must eliminate someone. I’m not afraid. I know who the poor bastard is. I don’t even give two shits about him one way or another. He thinks he knows who I am, but, unfortunately for him, he doesn’t. Just because I’m behind these bars doesn’t mean he has a wrap sheet on me. Actually, I’m not even the poor dead fuck I’m posing to be. He thinks I am. I’m not. Works in my favor. In my line of work its best to keep it that way.

I had Benni pull the blueprints and layout the groundwork for me to get into this hellhole of a Tennessee state prison. Benni changed some transfer orders around because my target worked cell block C. Benni made sure it was a transfer clusterfuck just so nobody would ever get a good look at me and turn me in.  I snuck in and began scrubbing the empty offices at the end of the block with a brush. When someone found me I just simply told them that I was told to begin my rounds and when I saw how nasty the offices were I figured I’d make them a little cleaner. The guard laughed and began calling me Cleaner. The guy I bunk with is always tripping on some smuggled drink, aero, or smoke. He doesn’t even know he’s had a roommate for the last two days much less one that just suddenly showed up voluntarily out of the blue.

The bastard that had to die was a smuggler running drugs and women for some of the low lifes who still kept their bankrolls with them in their cells. What makes him so much worse is that he’s the commander of this cell block. The warden has tried to have him removed, but he keeps dirty Tennessee judges’ pockets full and their dicks wet. The last warden that pushed back ended up having a heart attack behind the wheel of his blazing Ram that had mysteriously ran off the road. The coroner was so good at his job that he was able to call it a cardiac arrest even with a body that was nothing but charred bones. So, this commander got away with murder and continued trafficking drugs and women. He doesn’t know it but the guy that put a hit on him was the father of one of the girls he supplied. She ratted him out then disappeared under “mysterious” circumstances. Little did he know, her father is so powerful that he can order a country to blown to kingdom come with just a push of a button. Little did he know, her father had turned loose an assassin like me. Little did he know, I had his journal.

The prick wrote everything down. I mean everything. What makes it so undeniably his was the fact that he even kept a record of his own codenames for his clients and activities. Every day, every hour, everything he did at home or at work he had it written down. Just to satisfy my curiosity I read everything. Luckily, the scumbag never laid a finger on my client’s daughter. I would have made him squeal like a stuck pig in my tunnel for hours before killing him. My clients deserve any vengeance I see fit.

I began my task. I went into his office with the journal tucked away and began making it cleaner. As soon as the cameras had finally sync’d and turn away from me at the same time, I shoved his journal into a file drawer and into a folder marked “J” for ‘Journal’. Then I finished cleaning and moved on.

When I woke up, it was early. My job was planned and my escape was routed. Benni had the security cameras locked in under her pretty, little fingers. My roommate was, once again, not in the known universe. He slept like a boss. He looked like he was once an intelligent guy, so I flushed his stash and replaced replaced it with a treasure trove of graphic novels, colored pencils, and a notebook (I had found a Superman novel neatly protected and kept hidden within his mattress). I honestly didn’t want this young kid dying from the target’s drugs. He was only serving a year because he made a poor choice of hanging out with the wrong crowd at the wrong time. He deserved more.

I waited. Waited until his shift started. The moment his group checked in, it was time for breakfast. When all doors opened to file out I gave the signal and all hell broke loose. We mocked a gang fight between two rivals. This spawned everyone else to crowd around and start easing some hell. My guards immediately sprung into action causing him and his cronies to act in the confusion. I watched him pummel his way through guards and prisoners alike to get to the main fight. I stepped up to make contact. I plunged a small knife into an artery under his arm pit just as he reached up to push his way through. I watched him since from the pain. I guess he didn’t realize what happened because he kept pushing through giving me the opportunity to plunge my knife into the small of his spine. He collapsed. I disappeared. Fucker died during the commotion. Benni made sure the cameras got nothing, and immediately wiped my face from their hard drives.

Two days later, people all over Tennessee were being arrested from all kinds of charges as evidenced from his journal that he had been keeping in his desk. My handler called me with message telling me and Benni that our client had paid us and had thrown in a hefty bonus. We knew that whatever actual money was made was skimmed by our handler. I didn’t care. The money was nice. But knowing that that filthy bastard no longer breathed my precious air supply made it that much nicer.

-LS Quail



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