New stories coming soon!

This is my new webpage that I started for my shorts.

I hope everyone becomes involved with them. Comment on them. Tell me what you think and share them. Click “Like” if you like them. Click the share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and Google+ if you use them. I love to write, and I want everyone to enjoy them. I also want some followers too. Sign up for emails for when I post new shorts and continuing stories.

One continuing story in particular is called Cleaner. An assassin that works for a handler that sends him on death missions. Benni is the behindthe scenes woman that can work the world wide web and hack into systems without effort. She also makes great coffee. This story only has two written so far, but trust me there’s more and his world is about to expand. More in depth and he actually gets a voice (and an undesired partner). Stay up to date with Cleaner by signing up for emails to alert you when “Somebody’s gotta die”. **Cleaner is very graphic and not suited for everyone.

A new and in the works story is Mindstorm. About a half-human/half-pixie called Serenity Storm awakens at a camp surrounded by monsters. No memory of himself. No memory of how he got there. No memory of anyone. His mind can virtually slow time to study the mathematics of movements, predict outcomes, and how he can counter to become the best fighter to defeat the monsters. He frees two others, Myra (a pixie who can grow into the size of a human and become an awesome warrior with her powerful halberd), and Janson (a human who’s muscular and very formidable with a flat, double-edged sword, not to mention a smart ass and very boisterous) as well as a wolf who seems to be extremely loyal to Serenity. It is a fantasy adventure for everyone. Sign up for emails to let you know when Mindstorm is released.

Okay, well that’s all I have time for now. Please feel free to visit and read my shorts. Thanks!


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