Goings On

Everything. Basically. From pitching Archon to publishers to trying to get people to help with editing to working 12 hour nights and sleeping all day to so much more.

Mindstorm is coming along. Its either going to be a serial fantasy posted here or a serial that will be published through Amazon Kindle. I’ve pitched the concept to someone and they said, “That would be a cool Kindle series!” and it got me thinking. It got me thinking a lot. I can do it as a series, but would it actually make it as a series. I’ve read some really phenominal series stories on Kindle (Yesterday’s Gone is AWESOME! I’m a Goner now!) I wanna hope it does, but my focus is Archon.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then…

“As we’ve come to know…” a prophesy has been made. Many have gone through great lengths to see that it will be fullfilled. Now, the time has come. Rodin has been deemed worthy to receive the gift, but before he accepts this gift he has questions. Why is he worthy? Can he be Archon and keep everything he’s worked so hard for as well as the one he loves? How can he save Terra-Earth and do all of the amazing things he’s capable of doing?

Archon: Gift of Light is a fantasy filled with mythical creatures, knights in shining armor, kings, lords, magic, humor, and so much more to fill your imagination. It is Rodin’s story told though his heart as he explores his life as becoming Terra-Earth’s greatest hero, Archon. His happiness, sadness, his love for Millette and his brother, Logan, and the outrageous mischief he makes with his blood-brothers, Byron and Slender.

This fantasy will be published. How soon? That’s to be determined just as soon as I figure it out myself. But hey… I won’t stop until Archon is released. I worked hard on it (so… many… YEARS!), and I want this to be great.

Keep a watchful eye on my blogs and I’ll fill you in on a date. In the meantime, I will also be putting up a new Cleaner just as soon as I can get the time to finish the next chapter. Cleaner is going to get a voice. Bennie will soon be a bigger role. There are other surprises for him in the works. Keep up to date! Sign up for my emails for updates.

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