I’m working on it! Really.

I know. I know. Trust me. I know.

I am working on this. Holy cow, I didn’t think I would even find the time to let you all know that I’m working on continuing this Web page. This is what I love to do, but everything else that I do hates me. So, that everything else takes it out on my “me” time. And by my “me” time what I mean is the time I get to sit down in a quiet room with nobody talking in my ear or begging to be petted. Just be me, and my laptop.

Unfortunately, here lately, my “me” time is around 1 am. I stare at the screen with words in my brain to organize into sensible and legible phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and placed into a thought coherent structure. (I tried to put a good start together and woke up a couple hours later with 38 pages of the letter “k”. I was gonna try my hand at sleep-writing, hoping for an epiphany to come to life in my dreams while sitting at the keys, but “kekekekuh” isn’t a word. I looked it up.)

So, here I am to inform everyone that I will get it together and put together something I want everyone to enjoy. For now, I’m sorry. I’ll do better. Okay?


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