Calm Down Please

I’ve been preoccupied lately, and I’m sorry.


Yes, I know. I’ve neglected my storytelling duties. I release Archon: Gift of Light and I have been working really hard to promote my work. I guess I should have been a little more mindful of some of you because some of you like to follow my stories, and I let you down (even though I read no comments or receive e-mails from anyone). I promised everyone the continuing story of Cleaner featuring Benni, and I totally bugged out on that. I will be making it up to you all soon. I’ve started the process and I will be posting it. When? Soon (I hope).

Meantime, visit and read some takes of Archon: Gift of Light, then Comment, Like and Share anything you like about it. If you haven’t purchased your copy yet the no worries. Just go to the page titled “Purchase You Copy” and click on the many links listed to purchase a copy either in paperback or electronic. Then please return to the website from where you made your purchase and leave a rating and review. Then come back to and leave comments, questions, opinions (and you know how I feel about some opinions). I will respond as often as I can. I do get alerts when someone posts in the “Comments” section. So, don’t worry, you won’t be looked over.

So, have fun and remember… SMILE!



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